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57.2 MB
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Requires iOS 4.3 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.
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Subatomic Studios, LLC
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--NOW SUPPORTING iPhone 5, 5S, 5C and iOS 7--

--Fieldrunners 2 was named one of Metacritic's top reviewed iOS games of 2012!!--

Get ready to DEFEND THE WORLD! The biggest sequel in tower defense history is finally here: Fieldrunners 2 has arrived! From Subatomic Studios, creators of the award winning classic strategy game, comes an all new adventure that was years in the making. Build epic mazes out of powerful weapons to defend the world from the invading fieldrunners!


• Toucharcade - 5/5
• The Appera - 10/10
• Slide to Play - 4/4
• Gamezebo - 5/5
• App Spy - 5/5
• App Smile - 5/5
• Macworld - 5/5
• Pikigeek - 5/5
• Apple'N'Apps - 5/5


The fieldrunners are back! With legions of soldiers and a gaggle of new tricks, they’re ready to conquer the globe. Or so they think! Our top scientists at SubaLabs have built a bleeding-edge arsenal of devastating weapons for any heroes willing to stop these dastardly invaders. Help your people by taking action - DEFEND THE WORLD!

Strategic-Action-Puzzle-Defense has never been this fun and addicting! Defend your world from the invasion by building winding paths out of imaginative, new weapons. Call in airstrikes and set explosive traps to hit the enemies where it hurts. Over 20 new levels span the grassiest fields, driest deserts, sparkling cities, and even an infernal volcano lair! Challenge your mind with the exciting new gameplay styles in Puzzle, Sudden Death, and Time Trial levels. Are you ready to stop the fieldrunners once and for all? Join the defense, now!


• Retina display support for gorgeous artwork!
• iCloud support lets you transfer saves between iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch!
• iPhone 5 support!
• Tons of levels - hours of action!
• 20 unique, upgradable weapons!
• Revolutionary AI - stunning realism!
• Pick the perfect weapons for each battle!
• Air strikes, mines, and powerful items!
• Time Trial, Sudden Death, and Puzzle maps!
• Trenches, bridges, and tunnels!
• Elite enemy types!
• Pint sized invaders seeking revenge!
• iCloud support lets you transfer saves!
• A tower that launches bee hives!

OFFICIAL TRAILER -- bit.ly/Fr2Trailer


• Kotaku - Gaming App of the Day
• GameTrailers - App of the Day
• G4TV - Best Mobile Games
• Macworld - Editors’ Choice
• 148Apps - Editor’s Choice
• Slide to Play - Game of the Month
• AppAdvice - Game of the Week
• Chicago Tribune - Game of the Week
• TUAW - App of the Day


• IGN:
“One of the best iOS games of 2012”
• Penny Arcade:
"This is a game that everyone needs to try"
• New York Times
"At last we have a sequel!"
• G4TV:
“You need to download this game immediately”
• TouchArcade:
“It will eat your soul and have you thanking it”
• CNet:
“You will love this game”
• The Verge/Polygon:
“One of the strongest TD games I’ve ever played”
• 148Apps:
“The king of tower defense returns!”
• GamesBeat:
“Innovating and redefining tower defense”
• Apple’N’Apps:
“The best game we saw at E3”


• Twitter: @Fieldrunners
• Facebook: facebook.com/fieldrunners
• Web: subatomicstudios.com
• Forums: subatomicstudios.com/forum
• General: info@subatomicstudios.com
• Tech Support: bugs@subatomicstudios.com


Everyone here at Subatomic Studios thanks you for playing our latest game! Please rate Fieldrunners 2.

Over 93% five star reviews - More than any other app in the Top Paid 300! This is a huge accomplishment, so big thanks to our fans for their ongoing support!

• Super secret surprises!

• Download Fieldrunners 2 Free
• Run Fieldrunners 2 Free
• You will see a pop up saying that you unlocked the tower
• Quit Fieldrunners 2 Free
• Open regular Fieldrunners 2 and you'll now have the tower for free!

[新App推介]史上首創塔防遊戲FieldRunners第二集推出: 畫面全面進化的新一代必玩刺激塔防

塔防遊戲可以說是隨著智能電話和平板而冒起,現在是流動遊戲的一大種類。最初塔防遊戲是怎樣開始的? 原來著名塔防遊戲 FieldRunners 就是當年 App Store 推出後第一款塔防遊戲。來到系列的第二集,遊戲完全繼續了初代的創意,畫面更加改頭換面。
FieldRunners 來到第二集,保存玩家喜愛的經典玩法。利用一系列武器,千方百計阻止敵人突破防線,衝入自己的基地。不過續作當然有大量新元素,首先是大量全新武器。包括火力強勁的,也有惡搞有趣的,例如一座發射蜂巢的炮塔。
不過要說新作最突出的,絕對是畫面質素。第一集推出時 App Store 才是起步階段,遊戲的畫面都和現在差得遠。但第二集一次過追上來,畫面的細緻程度是現存塔防遊戲之中數一數二的。色彩豐富、人物動作細緻之餘,更有濃厚的卡通 3D 感覺。絕對是近來必玩新遊戲之一。
下載 FieldRunners 2

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