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284.09 MB
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Compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPod touch (3rd generation), iPod touch (4th generation), iPod touch (5th generation) and iPad. Requires iOS 3.2 or later
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Chinese, German, English, Spanish; Castilian, French, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian
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Since Johnny Gainesville left, two massive gangs have waged a bloody war to replace him and take control of Miami.
In this spin-off of the successful Gangstar: Miami Vindication, it’s your duty to make sure your gang not only survives this war, but rises to the top and claims the seat of power.
Earn more than money, fame or power… earn RESPECT! Step into Urban Crime, into the 1st full-3D crime simulation for free on iOS and become a true gangster.

Download and play 5 missions every day for FREE or buy energy boosts to play anytime you want!

- Lay down the law on other gangs and reign over the streets in your gang’s name.
- Conquer a city divided into 2 vast territories controlled by rival gangs.

- Free-roaming gameplay merged with an endless variety of missions: Lose the Tail, Steal Cars, Kill the Enemy, Save Your Gang Member, and more.
- Take out rival gang members with a wide arsenal of weapons: Grenades, Flame Throwers, and more.

- Choose your gang and develop your character to rule it without remorse.

  1. Starfront - Collision™

    The best real-time strategy is now at your fingertips! Starfront: Collision, the epitome of RTS gameplay with gorgeous HD graphics and a competitive 4-player multiplayer, finally hits the App Store! ** Confirm that your device is compatible. This game is only compatible with 3rd and 4th generations of iPod touch (16/32/64GB) devices along with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 and iPad. Before downloading, please check the back of your device to make sure that it meets the system requirements ** Welcome to planet Sinistral, where rare Xenodium crystals are coveted by a human mining conglomerate called the Consortium. However, they are not the only ones after the rare mineral. The Myriad, an indigenous race of aliens, is addicted to Xenodium and will do everything they can to prevent the Consortium from plundering their resources. To add to the chaos, a sentient robot race called the Wardens is trying to turn the war in their favor. Whose side will you choose? With Starfront: Collision, choose from 3 unique but balanced races and deploy your strategy for victory in this battle. Each faction can construct 8 different buildings and over 10 destructive units to build up their base and mount an unstoppable assault on adversaries. Once you’ve mastered the solo campaign, put your skills to the test in exciting multiplayer battles. THE DEEPEST, MOST BALANCED RTS GAMEPLAY ON iPHONE • At last, an RTS with intuitive touch controls that give you total control over your forces. • Hone your strategy with three different factions - The Consortium, Wardens and Myriad - each with unique tech trees and tactics. • Complete 20 missions and create your own battles thanks to Skirmish mode. • Gather resources to build 24 different buildings and recruit 30 different units, including one mega-unit for each faction. A DEEP AND POLISHED SCI-FI UNIVERSE • Wage war across five gorgeous environments: ice, badlands, a jungle, an underground reactor and a destroyed alien city. • Discover the deep and engaging story of a war for resources, told throughout the solo campaign. • Gaze upon top-notch 3D-rendered environments, buildings and units. HIGHLY COMPETITIVE 4-P MULTIPLAYER MODE • Confront your friends in epic and challenging Local and Online Multiplayer battles. • Choose between 5 multiplayer maps, each corresponding to one of the 5 environments in the game. • Enjoy unlimited replayability thanks to Multiplayer mode. • Connect to Gameloft LIVE! 2.0 and compete to rule the leaderboards. **************************************************************************** Follow Gameloft on Twitter to get more info about this game and all our upcoming titles at http://twitter.com/gameloft or read our official blog at http://blog.gameloft.com/ Certain apps allow you to purchase virtual items within the app and may contain third party advertisements that may redirect you to a third party site.

  2. Guitar Rock Tour FREE

    The only game on iPhone/iPod touch that allows you to play guitar & drums like a Rock God! "It’s certainly worth the price, and one of the best music games to make it to the iPhone." - MacWorld, 4/5 "A lot of fun to play." - AppVee, 5/5 In Guitar Rock Tour FREE, play with the hit "Rock You Like A Hurricane" on the hottest Miami concert stage. Tap your screen to the beat of the track: don't miss a note or you'll hear it and be booed off the stage! FULL VERSION FEATURES: - 2 instruments to play: guitar & drums. - 17 world famous licensed rock songs, including: > Beat It > Message in a Bottle > Rock You like a Hurricane > Smoke on the Water > In the Shadows > Girlfriend > Heart-Shaped Box > Banquet > You Really Got Me, and more! - Console-like 3D graphics and high-definition sound quality. Ready to fire up the crowd with Guitar Rock Tour? Other recommended music game: DJ Mix Tour Published and distributed by Gameloft. ** Follow Guitar Rock Tour on Twitter and be the first to know about exclusive news and updates, competitions, gifts, and more! http://twitter.com/GuitarRockTour ** Friend us at www.facebook.com/gameloft

  3. Diamond Twister

    Described as “one of the more addictive examples of the match-three genre when it comes to iPhone puzzling” with a score of 8/10 by Pocketgamer, the leading authority in mobile gaming. A hugely addictive, simple, and intuitive puzzle: Swap pairs of gems to line up 3 or more identical diamonds. EXCLUSIVE FEATURES FOR THIS MOST PRECIOUS GAME: • Rotate your iPhone… Gems fall from everywhere! • Dazzling visual effects, gem explosions, and twisting diamonds. • 8 game modes and 64 different levels of difficulty in 8 glamorous environments. Twist Diamonds. Twist your iPhone. Twist your mind! Follow the official Twitter account to get more info about the game: http://twitter.com/DiamondTwister Published and distributed by Gameloft.

  4. Eternal Legacy

    Enter a huge world made of cinematic environments in this intense role-playing game, worthy heir on your iPhone and iPod touch of its Japanese predecessors. ENTER THE WORLD OF ALGOAD - An absorbing scenario implying heavy responsibilities: Astrian, you must save Algoad from destruction and restore the living bond between humans and nature. - A mix of fantasy and sci-fi: fight with swords and guns, face robots and magic, and fly your own ship! - Freely explore majestic regions: real-time rendered in full 3D, with free 360° camera. A SMOOTH, THRILLING BATTLE SYSTEM - Dynamic turn-based fights: preset your future attacks, which will be triggered one by one once your action gauge is filled. - Epic combats, enhanced by full 3D artwork, numerous animations and a varied bestiary. - Up to 3 characters will fight at the same time: select your team among your recruits and define your teammates' behavior. LIVE YOUR OWN ABSORBING ADVENTURE - Choose your own path by interacting with the environment, items, people and enemies, or solving puzzles to make your way through obstacles. - Talk to the people you meet, featuring full voice acting: they may join your team, reveal some secret, give you a quest, and more. - Perform sub-quests if you like, to extend the game’s lifespan and gain more experience. - Customize your character and weapons: you master your destiny. *************************************************************************** Join the Game Hunter Challenge: Tweet: I found a new @Gameloft Game! Eternal Legacy: http://j.mp/dUNKRo #GameHunter820 Join the hunt: http://j.mp/aGk2Jx and follow @Gameloft! What's this? http://j.mp/aGk2Jx *************************************************************************** Visit us on www.gameloft.com Follow Gameloft on Twitter to get more info about all our upcoming titles at http://twitter.com/gameloft or like us on Facebook at http://facebook.com/gameloft Certain apps allow you to purchase virtual items within the app and may contain third party advertisements that may redirect you to a third party site.

  5. Terminator Salvation : The official game

    **WGWorld: 4/5 + Editor's choice award - "...even if you're not a Terminator fan ... It's a great action game." **Slide To Play: 4/4 - "This amazing-looking third person shooter based on the new Terminator movie is everything an action gamer could want." **iPhone Alley: 4/5 - "With controls and graphics like these, the PSP and DS will need watch their backs soon." **Appchatter: "One of the best third person shooter games on the app store." --------------------------------------- Assume the role of John Connor, leader of the Resistance, in post-apocalyptic 2018 Los Angeles. Alongside Marcus Wright, Kyle Reese and other fighters, battle for survival against the forces of Skynet in a breathtaking 3D third-person shooting game inspired by the upcoming, yet already cult, sci-fi movie. Counter hordes of enemies in concentrated armed combat, destroy specific targets, hack computers, drive futuristic vehicles, defend areas and more. The high variety of missions and gameplay, plus the faithful rendering of the movie universe, will definitely delight gamers and fans of the Terminator universe alike! Plunge into the heart of action: - Play as John Connor and Marcus Wright, each having their own strengths and special abilities. - 4 different controls that take advantage of the iPhone-specific touch screen and accelerometer to fit any playing style. - Counter hordes of 11 different enemies sent by Skynet, including some exclusive models exclusively designed for the iPhone & iPod touch game. - 6 weapons from shotgun to surge cannon and grenade launcher - 360° view of 3D environments through 8 levels. - Play as a T-600 in an unlockable game mode. You're the only hope to stop Skynet. For fans of Terminator and survivors of Skynet, but also recommended for fans of action, adventure, shooting and hack 'n slash games. Other Gameloft games you may like: Brothers In Arms, Hero of Sparta, Assassin's Creed. --------------------------------------- Join the Resistance on Twitter: www.twitter.com/TS_wirelessgame

  6. DJ Mix Tour Free

    Test your sense of rhythm in a crazy club atmosphere: as a famous DJ, mix your favorite licensed hits in the hottest places and make hundreds of people get on the dance floor! In DJ Mix Tour Free, play with the song "Alive" in Ibiza's hottest nightclub. Tap your screen to the beat of the track: don't miss a note or you'll hear it and be booed off the stage! FULL VERSION FEATURES: - Astonishing tracklist of 16 songs, mixing the most popular radio hits, club songs and dance classics: Poker Face, Just Dance, Womanizer, Get The Party Started, Ibiza, Four To The Floor and more! - Mixing Tool: listen, mix and scratch the game's songs on the touch-sensitive turntables! - Travel through 5 dream locations, from Ibiza's dance floors to New York nightclubs. - 3D animation and environments: fire up the dancing crowd! - Choose among 5 characters to play the Career Mode and become a star of mix. - Up to 4 levels of difficulty - for both beginner DJs and music experts. Other recommended music games: Guitar Rock Tour. Published and distributed by Gameloft. ** Follow DJ Mix Tour on Twitter and be the first to know about updates, competitions, gifts, your favorite artists' news and more! http://twitter.com/DJ_mix_tour **

  7. Gameloft Sports Pack Free

    Triple the birdies, triple the power shots and triple the grand slams with the free version of Gameloft Sports Pack. Discover the free version of the most popular sports games on the App Store: Let’s Golf!, Real Tennis & Pro Baseball. Also includes a homerun mini-game for unlimited fun! If having to choose just one sports game keeps you awake at night, or you just happen to love a variety of sports, this is the perfect compilation for you. Just see what reviewers are saying: “Let's Golf! will please any golf fan.” – IGN “A new benchmark for tennis on the iPhone.” – Pocket Gamer “Anyone that is a baseball fan is sure to love this game.” – App Modo Full version features: ***3 GAMES AT A REDUCED PRICE!*** LET’S GOLF! It’s time for you to become a big hitter and drive for the green! - 63 holes in 4 distinct locations remodeled in 3D: Fiji Beach, the American Mountains, the English Countryside, and the Scottish Lochs. - 4 cool and animated characters customizable with your own style. Each player has unique strengths and weaknesses. - Show your friends who the best player is through Local Wi-Fi Multiplayer modes. - Controls adaptable to anyone: Advanced mode plays like a sports simulation game and you can even add spin to the ball. Casual mode for easy fun and fewer bogies (but no, it won’t let you cheat). REAL TENNIS Live the life of a professional player on a world tour where the only goal is to become number one! - From Paris to New York to Stockholm, play in 7 stadiums on 3 different surfaces – clay, grass and synthetic – each providing a different experience. - Controls making the most of the iPhone/iPod touch capabilities. Serve by tilting your iPhone/iPod touch! - A wide array of strokes for a deeper experience: Lob, drop shot, smash and more. - A Career mode that lets you join a tennis tour just like a real professional player. - Local Wi-Fi Multiplayer to challenge your friends in real time! PRO BASEBALL Get immersed in an incredibly real baseball experience. - The best graphics of any baseball simulation on the App Store with full 3D players and stadiums. - A variety of different animations when batting, pitching, catching, and more. - Try different game modes, from a full 162-game season with playoffs to a challenging home-run mode. - Even more realism thanks to audio commentary, sound effects and spectator reactions to your plays. ------------------------------------------------ Become a fan of Gameloft on Facebook: www.facebook.com/gameloft Follow us on Twitter: www.twitter.com/gameloft Published and developed by Gameloft.

  8. Kingdoms & Lords - Prepare for Strategy and Battle!

    Optimized for the 4-inch Retina display on iPhone 5 *****This game is the perfect combo of working for advancement and reward. *****I have been waiting FOREVER for a medieval themed city-building RPG to come along and at long last, Gameloft has answered the call! *****Awesome game can't stop playing it!! In Kingdoms & Lords, the peace and quiet of your rural village are shattered by the threat of Barbarian forces. With war upon your region, you must build up your village and train your militia. But, things take a turn for the worst: The Dark King has returned to power, invading every territory across the continent... A DUAL GENRE: SIMULATION AND STRATEGY • A strategy game: raise an army and attack your neighbors. Hire/train/grow your army to prepare them for combat. • A medieval simulation: expand lands, cultivate crops and raise animals to get money and food. Enjoy a rich production system to build your kingdom. LET YOUR FRIENDS JOIN THE FUN • Challenge your friends by launching your troops against their lines of defense and see who has the best army! • Forge alliances, rescue their units, and send them unique gifts. A TRUE ECONOMY TO MANAGE ON A DAILY BASIS • Optimize your production system and get extra revenue • Upgrade your buildings, unlock new ones and enhance your capabilities • Invest to grow your army to upgrade their weapons • Protect your kingdom, defeat rival armies and steal their resources ---- Visit our official site at http://www.gameloft.com Follow us on Twitter at http://glft.co/GameloftonTwitter or like us on Facebook at http://facebook.com/Gameloft to get more info about all our upcoming titles. Check out our videos and game trailers on http://www.youtube.com/Gameloft Discover our blog at http://glft.co/Gameloft_Official_Blog for the inside scoop on everything Gameloft. Certain apps allow you to purchase virtual items within the app and may contain third party advertisements that may redirect you to a third party site.