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Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.Requires iOS 3.2 or later
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快手看片是智能终端平台排名第一的移动导视应用,已拥有千万规模智能终端平台用户。现快手系列应用首款产品——快手看片WiFi版 正式登陆iOS平台,这是为苹果用户量身定制的特别版本,内容更丰富,使用更便捷,体验更完整。


1. 国内3G资费昂贵,请在WiFi环境中下载/点播高清视频节目。
2. 因iOS系统不支持应用保持后台网络通讯,下载任务进行时请不要关闭应用程序。
3. 目前下载功能只支持ios4.0以上用户. ios3.2.2用户只有在线观看功能。

  1. Thriller Books

    Frightened, dark, dangerous, gripping… are words to describe this application. This application is a gift we want to give you-dear readers. Read and enjoy!

  2. Just4

    How many 4 letter words do you know? [Besides those ones!!] This tile sliding game will extend your vocabulary with over 5000 internationally recognized four letter words, complete with definitions. Note: Just4 is for iPhone & iPod Touch only. Just4HD is now designed for both iPad & iPhone. New features include: * Time limit option (useful for classroom situations) * Improved tile movement * Game starts with 8 tiles (previously none) * Support for rotating the device Game play: Your task is to slide letter tiles around the screen to make legitimate four letter words. When a word is found the tiles will vanish giving you points and more room to work. The more words you find, the faster the tiles will appear. Bonus points are given if you place the tiles of a word over the bonus stars. Tips: Screen getting cluttered? No problem. Slide a tile over a bomb to create some more room. But be careful. You may accidentally blow up the letter you need to make your next word.

  3. Simple Period (Period Calendar)

    Best Application selected by 150,000 users! More convenient "Simple Period" with various functions with 3 lovely themes! Do not hesitate to select your period application! The answer is "Simple Period" proven by many users for 3 years. "Simple Period" will be responsible for your satisfaction till the end! [For Who? ]  1. YOU who want to exactly manage menstrual cycle, expected period, ovulation day etc. conveniently! 2. YOU who want to manage menstrual cycle and diary, weight with one application! 3. Dad-to-be, mom-to-be preparing for pregnancy 4. YOU who need contraception! 5. YOU who want to record making love day (contraceptive day) 6. YOU who want to record whether to take a contraceptive pill or menstrual symptoms! 7. YOU who manage weight for slim body! 8. YOU who want to check daily biorhythms! 9. YOU who check your ovulation day with the basal body temperature table! 10. Men who cherish a woman with a good sense! [Key Features]  1. One touch input through Simple Period calendar - Recording a menstrual period (setting start date, end date)  - Marking making love day - Marking ovulation day - Recording a memo by date (Photos can be inserted) - Providing daily memo list (Listed memos can be checked at a glance in a list) 2. Automatic calculation of average menstrual cycle - Select between average cycle and manual input cycle 3. Showing expected ovulation, expected period automatically - Showing data for 3 months 4. Function of alarming expected period, expected ovulation 5. Function of icon badge number notification - Shown if next menstrual day has passed 6. Recording weight - Recorded weight can be checked at a glance on a graph. 7. Recording BBT (Basal Body Temperature) - Supporting slideshow through slide touch - In case of horizontal view, showing figures for 6 months on a graph 8. Biorhythm function 9. Symptom recording function - A user can define custom symptoms and record it variously. 10. Supporting slide touch  - Calendar, memo, biorhythms, BBT 11. One Touch Backup & Recovery through Google calendar  12. Data can be exchanged with Simple Period for Android 13. Privacy function 14. Providing 3 lovely themes

  4. Dharamsala Travel Guides

    Offline Dharamsala's travel guide with super fast loading page. No internet connection needed. Dharamsala is located at (Asia : South Asia : India : Himalayan North : Himachal Pradesh : Kangra : Dharamsala) It provides travel guide such as: Understand, Getting there, Transport, Sights, Entertainment, Learn, Work, Shopping, Eat, Drink, Place to stay, Nearby place, etc. Dharamsala's travel guide is powered by WikiTravel destination guide and edited by travelers worldwide. Note: We are constantly updating Dharamsala travel guides contents to include even more details guides and photos. Stay tune for the next update

  5. Agile Business Conference 2010

    Event schedule for the 2010 Agile Business Conference.

  6. Audio-Visual Sex Tutor

    The ULTIMATE sexual application for the iPhone! ***AUDIO AND VISUALS INCLUDED!!! RATED 17+*** Everyone enjoys sex. Included in this application are detailed instructions on the positions women enjoy the most! This application will also make sure you understand how to perform them! Enjoy AUDIO and VISUALS, demonstrating each position! Listen to audio clips for every position!!! Features: - Visuals - High Quality Audio - Interactive Environment - Lessons - Descriptions for each position - Pictures of each position - Optimized for Performance - Much More!!! Download today and start having a better sex life. This App is intended for novelty use only. B.M. Worldwide is not responsible for the use of this product once it is in the hands of the end user.

  7. Trip Buddy - Shanghai Travel Guide 上海旅行伙伴 (中英文版)

    Why Shanghai Trip Buddy? It provides handy information in English and Chinese (w/ Mandarin Pinyin) [ 上海旅行伙伴 (中英文版) 中文简介 见最后 ] With it, you have: • Short-listed >1000 city pointers, covering Hotel, Hotspot, Locator, Commercial Building, and Sight-seeing. • Short-listed >5000 restaurants, well categorized into >60 cuisine groups. • Taxi Card with target location info. With it, you can: • SMS location info. to your friends → help you inform your friends where you are (your will never be lost with your current location info. be easily sent out by SMS for help) • Email the location info. including the approx. location map to your local friends / business partners → help you and your friends plan the trip Other features including: fast search, bookmark with your notes, common translation help-on, and quick direct phone-call. Take the “Shanghai Buddy” with you and enjoy your journey in Shanghai (Shanghai sub-urban areas are also included). Version 1.0 -iPhone / iPod Touch 3.1.2 or above We also have Chengdu Buddy, Chongqing Buddy, Dalian Buddy and Xian Buddy, please check them out. *************************************** 上海旅行伙伴 (中英文版) 中文简介 下载使用这款软件,能够方便你向外国朋友介绍、指明上海餐厅,酒吧蒲点,商业大厦,著名景点等的具体地址(含GPS定位地图)及电话(传真)等资讯。 所含资讯有: - 筛选过的超过5000家餐厅,分别以所属区域范围及60多种菜式类型,来清晰归类。 - 筛选过的超过350家星级酒店,以及其他热门蒲点,著名景点,商业大厦等资讯一一俱全,同样清晰归类。 - 可SMS具体地址(包括当前位置),或电邮发送地址,地图,电话等详细资料(中英文)给朋友;Taxi Card内容也是中英文对照。 - 具备快速检索功能,书签功能,以及备忘录记载功能。 资讯实用(除了查看大致范围GPS定位地图,其他资讯均可离线查询),又含英文翻译,绝对值得下载使用。 版本1.0 * iPhone / iPod Touch 3.1.2或以上 另有:重庆旅行伙伴 (中英文版), 大连旅行伙伴 (中英文版),西安旅行伙伴 (中英文版),成都旅行伙伴 (中英文版),欢迎查询。 ***************************************

  8. 심심한데 뭐하지?

    심심한데 무언가 하고는싶은데 뭘해야될지 고민될때!!! 흔들어주시면 '심심할때 뭐하지?' 앱으로 해결해 드립니다 !!