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Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.Requires iOS 3.2 or later
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快手看片是智能终端平台排名第一的移动导视应用,已拥有千万规模智能终端平台用户。现快手系列应用首款产品——快手看片WiFi版 正式登陆iOS平台,这是为苹果用户量身定制的特别版本,内容更丰富,使用更便捷,体验更完整。


1. 国内3G资费昂贵,请在WiFi环境中下载/点播高清视频节目。
2. 因iOS系统不支持应用保持后台网络通讯,下载任务进行时请不要关闭应用程序。
3. 目前下载功能只支持ios4.0以上用户. ios3.2.2用户只有在线观看功能。

  1. The Moon of Israel

    The Moon of Israel (German: Die Sklavenkönigin, or "The Queen of the Slaves") is an Austrian epic film of 1924.It was directed by Mihaly Kertész (later Michael Curtiz). The script was written by Ladislaus Vajda, based on H. Rider Haggard's novel The Moon of Israel, which in its turn was inspired by the Biblical story of the Exodus.It was this film that brought Kertész to the attention of the studio head Jack Warner, who invited him to Hollywood in 1926, where he rapidly became Michael Curtiz and made a career with the Warner Studios.Shooting took place in Vienna with about 5,000 extras, in the studios of Sascha-Film, and outdoors on the Laaer Berg. The premiere was on 24 October 1924. The restored complete edition of the film, which was entirely lost for many years, was first shown on 26 February 2005 in the Wiener Metro Kino.

  2. 三盒會

    ********** 本電子書共175頁,首27頁為免費閱讀。 ********** 書中包含了電影劇本《天空小說》、筆記小說《英年早睡的我》及其首部短片《暑期作業》的小說和劇本。為了對早前本地品牌 G.O.D「拾肆 K」T 恤事件中警權干擾創作自由表示不滿,彭浩翔決定把這書名定為《三盒會》。(彭浩翔並非三合會成員,特此申明。) ********** 一九七三年生於香港。孩提時被家人認為有輕度智障,欲送入特殊小學,卻在智力測驗中證實智商達一百三十五分。十四歲於與兄長用攝錄機自導自演槍戰片。台灣輟學回港,加入電視台喜劇節目任編劇,同時撰寫小說及影評,其後出版多本短篇小說。 二十七歲執導首部電影《買兇拍人》(You Shoot, I Shoot/ 2001),獲金紫荊獎最佳編劇;第二部《大丈夫》(Men Suddenly In Black/2003)獲金像獎最佳新導演;第三部《公主復仇記》(Beyond Our Ken/2004)再獲獎最佳編劇,同年東京國際電影節為其舉行個人專題影展;第四部《AV》(AV/2005)入選法國杜維亞洲電影節競賽作品;第五部《伊莎貝拉》(Isabella/2006),獲柏林國際電影節最佳音樂銀熊獎,亦獲曼谷世界電影節最佳影片;第六部電影為《出埃及記》(Exodus /2007)。現居香港。 書名 三盒會 作者 彭浩翔 出版社 Cup Magazine Publishing Limited 此電子書版本為光波文化出版 詳情請參閱www.24reader.com **********

  3. iKalc

    Through an intuitive, easy-to-use interface, iKalc provides iPhone and iPod Touch users with the ability to solve math equations with a push of a button. The app is capable of calculating many single-variable and multi-variable functions, including trigonometric, probabilistic, and logarithmic. It's functionality is similar to the TI-30, required of Algebra students. List of Supported Functions: - Absolute Value - Modulus - Ceiling - Floor - Least Common Multiple - Greatest Common Divisor (Greatest Common Factor) - Max - Min - Sine - Cosine - Tangent - Arcsin (Sin⁻¹) - Arccos (Cos⁻¹) - Arctan (Tan⁻¹) - Hyperbolic Sine (sinh) - Hyperbolic Cosine (cosh) - Hyperbolic Tangent (tanh) - Log (log₁₀) - Log₂ - Ln (Natural Logarithm) - Permutations (nPr) - Combinations (nCr) - Rand (Random Number)

  4. Nav4D Oman (LOW COST)

    The first **low cost** app! Don't waste your money! Why pay for lifetime if you only need it for a limited time?? 100% Based on our Award Winning technology with 1st Runner Up at Navteq LBS Challenge 2009. Onboard NAVTEQ maps. Nav4D is highly innovative at a very low price. Nav4D is a high-end GPS navigator. It brings a new look to users mobility interaction. Turn by turn directions. Single intuitive menu gives the user all the information needed to begin a journey with confidence. Along the way take advantage of the automatic local and global search with rich contents. Nav4D is a new concept of Navigation and travel companion. Use car, pedestrian and truck mode. Designed to attract everyone, the new interface concept makes usability and design a key point. Nav4D is the perfect navigation system for iPhone. Blending iPhone and Nav4D technologies millions of iPhone users all over the world can experience the new dimension in Navigation Systems. Other specifications: - Voice Guidance - Interface full optimized for iPhone - Multi-touch navigation and zoom functionality - High map resolution for 2D and 3D - Automatic day and night view - Intelligent search engine - POI search - Nearby POI search - Favorite and Home locations management - Portrait and landscape switch automatic - Trip planning - Facebook Integration - Pay per use, initial Routing license for one month with the possibility to buy a lifetime license afterwards - Lifetime License Map Viewer SUPPORTED VOICES AND LANGUAGES: - English UK - English US - French - Spanish - Portuguese - Italian - German

  5. iNotePad HD

    SPECIAL PRICE: $1,99 INSTEAD OF $2,99 IT: "iNotePad HD" è un text editor per iPad. Con "iNotePad HD" potrai prendere appunti, scrivere temi, articoli di giornale, lettere, testi di qualunque tipo. Trasforma il tuo dispositivo in una macchina da scrivere tascabile. Funzioni: - Salvataggio automatico e/o salvataggio manuale del testo digitato - Salvataggio formato RTF e TXT - Possibilità di invio e-mail direttamente da "iNotePad HD" con allegati i file (RTF e TXT) contenenti il testo digitato - Fonts: selezionabili ed utilizzabili tutti i font disponibili nel dispositivo - Gestione allineamento testo, stile, formato, ecc... - Funzione cerca testo (e cerca testo successivo) - Funzione cerca e sostituisci testo (si possono sostituire parti di testo con altre semplicemente con un click) - Select, Cut, Copy, Paste - Possibilità di continuare il lavoro in sessioni successive di utilizzo (il programma ricarica automaticamente, al successivo utilizzo, il testo scritto nelle sessioni precedenti) - Impostazioni extra per il formato RTF - Visualizzazione e scrittura in modalità Portrait o Landscape (ruotare il dispositivo nella posizione desiderata) - Gestione "fogli appunti" multipli (utility di gestione archivio di files integrata: save, load, delete note) EN: "iNotePad HD" is a text editor for iPad. With "iNotePad HD" you can take notes, write papers, articles, letters, texts of any kind. Turn your device into a pocket typewriter. Features: - Autosave and/or save manually text typed - Saving RTF and TXT - Possibility to send e-mail with attachments directly from "iNotePad HD" (RTF and TXT) containing the typed text ("iNotePad HD" e-mail client) - Fonts: select and use all the fonts available on the device - Control text alignment, style, size, etc. ... - Text search function (search and subsequent text) - Function search and replace text (desired text can be replaced with other pieces of text with just one click) - Select, Cut, Copy, Paste - Ability to continue the work in subsequent sessions of use (the program automatically recharges, next time, the text written in previous sessions) - Extra settings for RTF - Viewing and writing in portrait or landscape mode (turn the device into the desired position) - Multiple Notes Management (files archive management): - You can save an infinite number of notes (on infinite files) - You can load an existing note from archive (saved in previous session of work) - You can delete not desidered notes

  6. iPullTab MAX

    This game works on the iPad , iPhone and iPod Touch! PullTab is the first PullTab application for the iPhone and iPod Touch! Playing pulltabs is fun and addictive! In the MAX version, Players start with 999 pulltab tickets and get 100 more delivered to them every day the app is fired up, once the first ones are gone. Cash in your points in the Prize Room where you can unlock new themes, get more tickets and download wallpapers for your iPhone or Touch. iPullTab is fun because it's easy, and easy because it's fun! Keywords: Pulltab, Pulltabs, Lotto, fun, casino, game, scratch and win, scratch 'n win, iPad Pull Tab, PullTab, PullTabs, break opens, keno, pull tabs, Pop-Opens, break opens, Nevada tickets, cherry bells, pickle cards, instant bingo, bowl games, sweepstakes

  7. 808Talk Hawaii – Sharing Aloha App

    Bringing you travel tips, news, vacation advice, and cultural information direct from Hawaii via the latest audio and video episodes from the 808Talk Podcast – along with exclusive bonus material. In addition to access to the show, there is also access to special features: PDF documents – covering Hawaii travel tips, discounts and more Hawaii wallpaper Bonus audio and video content Exclusive audio tracks from Hawaii’s leading music entertainers Access to the show’s Twitter feed Call-in audio comments Traveling to Hawaii soon or just curious about the wonderful islands of aloha? Looking for an "Insider Guide to Hawaii" from local residents with aloha that only Hawaii has to offer? If you answered yes, then this app is for you! Mahalo (thank you) for purchasing our App and supporting 808Talk. We look forward to welcoming you to our beautiful islands of aloha soon! (Please note, not all features are available for all episodes. Call-in feature is only available on iPhone but not iPod Touch)

  8. Credit Suisse Merlin

    Foreign Exchange derivatives pricing and execution for institutional clients. Credit Suisse Merlin provides easy access to our award winning FX derivates platform. Wherever you go, you now have at your fingertips: * Pricing and execution of vanillas and first generation exotics * Live volatility surfaces Use your Merlin desktop credentials to login.